TAORMINA smart - Vegan Bag Made in Italy

Handbag with the "Sicilia Beddra" artistic patch

€ 199.00
  • Black - Red
The bag is a wearable work of art, born from the combination of nature, design and fashion, entirely Made in Italy. The bag's design is inspired by the natural world and the infinite variety of shapes, colors and textures it offers. The result is an accessory with a unique and original design, perfect for expressing who you are, on any occasion.

THE CAPSULE - An intrinsic element of the collection is the Sicilia Beddra artistic embroidered patch, hand-painted by the artist and designer Francesca Jennifer Puzzo, which identifies a capsule designed to wear art, incorporating it into everyday life and living a more intimate experience than simply observing and interpreting. The 100% cotton micro-stitched work recreates the face of a "Pupo Siciliano", as art that draws on universal energy, channeling shapes, symbols and colors that belong to the essence of the community.

THE CONCEPT - Women archetypes change throughout life. As a girl, she is the maiden, pure and innocent. She is carefree and full of wonder. Taormina Maiden wants to express the lightness of those who explore the world with great curiosity, a precious gift for anyone who hits the road.
This bag is also available in the large version, Taormina Mother.
DIMENSIONS: 20CM (L) X 23CM (H) X 10CM (W)

WEIGHT: 220 g

BODY MATERIAL: E.V.A. (Ethylene-vinyl acetate)
BUTTONS & GROMMETS: brass metallic
INNER BAG: 100% cotton

EVA is a recyclable, vegan & non-toxic, lightweight, durable, waterproof and soft polymer.
Recyclable: EVA is a recyclable material in addition to the non-toxic feature. We love that feature so much as we really take care about the ethics and sustainability from the design to the production process and to the olistic lifestyle of our clients.

Vegan: The spirit of veganism is cruelty-free. Our material production method does not include any harmful processes for the animals and any kind of nature creature.

Lightweight & Durable: Two of the characteristics that together they let us create small and shopper bags that can hold many things without becoming exhausting for the hand. In fact, the material can’t be easily deformed and it would take 200% of pressure against its limit in order to maintain the transformation. A pressure that is very difficult to apply with everyday use of any bag.

Waterproof: The EVA material is known for being waterproof “by nature”. It has a very low percentage of absorbance thus it’s very easy to remove almost anything that may be spilled on it. It’s one of the benefits we love the most since you can easily clean our EVA products with just a wet microfiber cloth. If the stain is persistent you can use a little of soap and water.

Smooth Feeling: Last but not least, a feature we really paid attention to when giving our own requirements for our EVA production. Even though is a feature that comes with even the basic forms of EVA, we wanted it to have a perfect feeling on your hands.
The bags designed by Francesca Jennifer Puzzo offer a vegan alternative to traditional leather products. EVA, the material it is made of, is a synthetic product made by Italian artisans. The choice of this unusual and innovative material in the field of fashion accessories gives J'ESSENTIA the highest level of evaluation for the Animal Free Fashion project conceived by LAV (antivivisection alloy).
They are called vegan bags because they have the Cruelty Free certification, which guarantees the end consumer the non-use of animal-derived skins in respect of all creatures present in nature.

The J’ESSENTIA bag is a wearable work of art, born from the combination of nature, design and fashion, entirely Made in Italy. The design of the bag is inspired by the world of nature and the infinite variety of shapes, colors and textures it offers. The result is a truly unique and original accessory, perfect for expressing who you are, on any occasion.
The archetype of "Sicilian Pupo" illustrated in the patch sewn in microcotton, sublimates facial shapes and expressions using only lines, geometric shapes, colors of nature and sacred geometry. By reducing it to the essential, through universal elements, deeper levels of meaning are reached. The empathic, welcoming, contagious and volcanic smile of this face is the search for what makes us truly unique but interconnected individuals.
The colors we surround ourselves with can have a profound effect on us: each color is associated with a different stage of personal growth. If using colors with awareness helps you to bring balance to everyday life and to better manage emotions, the bags of the Sicilia Beddra collection will reflect your uniqueness. The colors proposed for the bags are the primary colors from which all the others derive, to which is also added the purple used, in turn in the face of the Sicilian Pupo, with value of self-realization and supreme spirituality. You will thus be able to wear your alchemical art of the soul.